Yorkshire – Hull, Bridlington, Scarborough, Whitby & Goathland

June 29-30, 2017

A couple of days of driving and sightseeing the lower North East of England – such a sight.

Humber Bridge – Hull

First stop was the Humber Bridge, which crosses the Humber river and is the 8th longest suspension bridge in the world. (We saw the Clifton Suspension Bridge last Christmas – it’s not on the list). We stopped on the south side of the river for a coffee and snack. It costs £1.50 for a car and payment is taken on the north side of the river.

After our jaunt over the bridge we had a brief drive round/through Hull. We stopped to look in HobbyCraft (UK spotlight)


Next stop of the journey North was Bridlington to stretch our legs and grab some lunch. A seaside town, a very English sea side town. Thankfully, when we parked, a lovely couple told us if we parked just round the corner it wouldn’t cost. Thanks to them.


It was a stormy high tide sea this evening

Our stop for the night. Amusements lined the seas front and we enjoyed fish n chips overlooking the view out to sea. Accompanied by some seriously large seagulls – these big ones look mean.

Chinese Gardens at Peasholm Park

We wandered along the sea front, walked through the Chinese gardens and tried to listen to Cliff Richard from the castle hill. He was playing at at the open air theatre that night. Sara suggested going, Simon wasn’t keen.

Scarborough Castle


Happy Birthday Simon. We continued to head north to Whitby – where apparently the best fish n chips are to be had, couldn’t say, we didn’t eat there. However there was a restaurant that was “Sara’s” – which had been endorsed by Clarkson, Hammond & May.

Unfortunately the mist was in, so the view was non-existent. We walked up the 199 steps to the church and cemetery it was very misty and a well set scene for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


Home of Heartbeat, a series run for many years set in the heart of the Yorkshire Moors. Otherwise known as: Aidensfield. They still have a steam train that runs through the Moors, stopping at Goathland, Pickering, Whitby, Grosmont & Levisham. We enjoyed a bite to eat in the Station Cafe and wandered the Main Street. There were sheep just roaming about and chilling on the side of the road, they weren’t all that bothered by people walking by.

North Yorkshire

S & S


FitBit Data. 29/06: 12.23KM’s – SRT 18,353; SJT 15,680/ 30/06: 12.57KM’s – SRT 20,838; SJT 16,116.

Note: parking charges in England are in place in most places. Keep in mind to carry change and exact change at that. While some may have a paywave/contactless option, not all do and some may not work that great. There is also minimum charges, basically to get a ticket you have to pay that minimum fare or more. You can’t just put in 20p or 50p for a few minutes, you’ve either got commit or find somewhere else to park and quite often too, they won’t given change – so keep a variety of coins in your pocket/purse/car for such situations.

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