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Our Winchester Lifestyle

We are enjoying creating our new lifestyle, here in Winchester, a cute little city. Though to us it doesn’t seem like a city, it doesn’t feel as busy or as vast as what Christchurch is. It is busy during the day, but the evenings and weekends are quiet. There is a University, a prestigious college (for last 2 years of high school education*), a low level prison and a couple of smallish hospitals – private and public. Iceland & a local Sainsbury’s are in the centre. Tescos and Waitrose are 20 minutes away on foot.

We are enjoying walking around on weekends, trying out the different pubs, not going to the same one twice. We getting in plenty of mileage on foot, exploring and wandering around Winchester and there are a few scenic places on our to do list.

There is a leisure centre, 10 minutes walk from our place, where we’ve gone swimming a couple of times and Simon intends to go regularly. Anytime Fitness have a gym here, just down on the main street – next one down from ours. Sara will join up when the incomes are better balanced. It will be nice to go where there is familiarity.

River Leisure Centre

There’s plenty of exploration to see and do.

Access to the rest of England & Beyond
Winchester Lifestyle - Drink up

The train station is only a couple of blocks behind our apartment, with line leading directly up to London and down to the south. Southampton Airport Parkway is only 15 minute train ride south. England & the Continent are our oyster to explore!!!

*In England the education system is structured slightly differently. In Simon’s day one finished school at 16, GCSE levels, only going to further education/study if you wanted an apprenticeship or your A levels. But that has since changed and children are now required to go onto further education, whether an apprenticeship or higher education. Peter Symonds is a higher education school, it is also an expensive school to attend.

  • on January 4, 2017

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