Winchester – The Great Hall

May 1st, 2017

The Great Hall

Just down the other end of our street is Winchester Law Courts and the Great Hall, which contains ‘the Round Table’ from King Arthur’s time. Though it is unclear as to whether the Great Hall was at the centre of the story.

Given that we had been living in Winchester for nearly a year, we figured it was time to pop down for a visit.

It is only a small place and is on the site where Winchester Castle once stood. There are only a few walls and underground passages remaining of the castle. It consists of the Great Hall, a private garden, a hallway of history and a gift shop. At one end of the Great Hall are doors that lead through to the Law courts. Theses doors are known as the “Wedding Gates”, they were designed for the Royal wedding of Charles and Diana and have on them, their initials. Along with a horn to commemorate the birth of Prince William.

There is a statute of Queen Victoria, which was unveiled by her Daughter, Princess Louise, on 17 May 1887.

The wall with the Wedding Gates is covered with names of those who represented Hampshire in parliament between 1283 and 1868.

There is a small private garden out behind the Hall, which backs onto the Peninsula Barracks housing and museums. It is a beautiful wee spot and well manicured. The gardens are named for Queen Eleanor and were opened by the Queen Mother in 1986.

The Hall has, in the past, been used as a court. While now it no longer is, it is still used for ceremonial purposes for the courts. When a High Court Judge is sworn in, they will proceed from the Great Hall to the Law Courts, through the ‘wedding gates’.

The Great Hall

Winchester Castle

Designed by the same architect who designed St Paul’s Cathedral – Christopher Wren in 1682 for King Charles II. The King’s House was designed in he same way of the Palace of Versailles.



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