Warwickshire – Stratford-Upon-Avon

July 1, 2017

The last day of our adventure…..

Today was also the 2nd test match between the All Blacks and the Lions in NZ  and did we hear about it….. 4 comments across the country, because the Lions won, if they had lost  we wouldn’t have heard a word. We were wearing our AB tops.

Our morning had to start with coffee and we wanted Nero, so after a quick google we found where one was located. Checked out of the hotel, found free parking and walked into the town centre. (Comment  #1 was as we walked past a pub, where of course they were watching the game. Noting our shirts – one guy asked if we supported the All Blacks…..well duh. Then from the window was to tell us Sonny Bill had been sent off).

Wandering around the centre, trying to locate Cafe Nero, we walked through the mall (this is where had comment #2) and the market. Saw the best pick n mix selection to date.

We finally found Cafe Nero, it wasn’t in the mall after all and headed back to the car to meander our way south.

The drive south saw us skirting our way past Birmingham and avoiding the M6 toll – take the A38. We were headed for Stratford-Upon-Avon – Shakespeare-Town.


We were going to utilise the park n ride but had no change on us (always carry cash with you in this country – ALWAYS). So we googled the nearest cash machine – located down the road at Tescos. When we got there, we saw there was 3 hours free parking – so win win, this is where we parked up. (#3 comment was in Tescos).

Wandering into town took about 20 minutes. (Comment #4 from barber as we were walking past). It was busy in town, there was a fair over on the other side of the river and there were people everywhere.

We wandered around the centre of town, walked past Shakespeare’s house. We enjoyed lunch by the river and watched a boat move through a water lock. The boat comes in, they shut the gates behind it and then gradually lift/open the gates in front. This is to wait for the water level to even out before fully opening the gates and allowing the boat to pass through.

Water Level Up


Water Level down & the boat can move through the Lock into the River

Stratford was a lovely little place, but would be worth visiting again on a quieter day to enjoy it a little more.

We journeyed home through the Cotswolds. While we attempted to stop in Burton-Upon-Water, it was all paid parking and no side street parking.

Our final top before home was calling into see our friends Kevin & Alison.  Since we could be the ones to pop in as we were ‘driving by’.



FitBit Data 01/07: 9.2KM’s – SRT 14,292; SJT 11,612

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