The Tuckers have Landed

Friday Feb 26

Hard Rock Cafe, Terminal 3, Changi Airport, Singapore

We made it. After a day’s worth of traveling, a culmination of 8 hours from Sydney to Singapore, 9 hours in Changi Airport and then the long haul of 14 hours to Heathrow, we landed. Somewhat jaded from lack of sleep, cold from the serious drop in temperature (left nearly 40 degrees in Oz to 8 in the UK) mixed in with a dash of amazement and excitement that we had arrive in England, not just for a holiday, but to live….

Despite our best efforts sleep alluded us for the better part of our trip. We attempted in Changi, only to woken by security, just as we were about to hit deep sleep, to have the check our boarding passe to make sure we could remain in the airport, it was 2am their time.  We tried a little longer to sleep but it wasn’t happening, so we had some breakfast, had a shower, wandered around the airport – duty free of course, we had some shopping to do (note: when in Changi for a long period of time, each passenger can get 2x $SD20 vouchers, one for food and the other or duty free shopping – keep in mind you don’t get change). Therefore, between the 2 of us we had $SD40 to spend on duty free, what did this result in? Well for those of you who know us – it was Johnnie Walker Black for Simon and Jaegemeister for Sara. We couldn’t let the vouchers go to waste :).  After some yummy waffles & french toast at the local Hard Rock Cafe and a refreshing shower, we were about ready for the next leg of our journey – 14 hours to Heathrow.

It was mid-afternoon when we landed in Heathrow, but it would be another hour before we walked out. Due to Sara not being British, we queued in the non-British passport line, which took a bit of time. Thankfully near the end we got a short cut to a desk just opening and with that we sailed through British passport control with no issues. Amen!! Grabbed our luggage and out we stepped out into the new chapter of our life. An hour and a half later we were in the little village of Titchfield Common, it was dark out so decided to leave the exploration until the next day, plus bed was calling…..

Saturday Feb 27


A new day had dawned, along with the fresh excitement of a new place to explore and Oh Mi Goodness – We were in England. We took a walk to investigate our new surroundings. Very cold. Very English. We spent the day getting used to our new surroundings and slowly waking up, we did go into town, Fareham, as Sara had left her hoodie in the boot of Bhavisha’s car, as it was so cold, it was a necessity to find one.

English Phone Booth
English pounds – such a novelty
Street in Titchfield Common

The next week was spent getting used to where we were, a spot of sightseeing in Portsmouth (see next post), catching up on sleep and gearing up to star applying for jobs.



  • on May 11, 2016

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