Sussex – Eastbourne, Brighton, Lancing, Worthing

May 26-28, 2017

Yay – we were driving again!!!

Bank Holiday weekend and we were headed East – time to catch up with friends, Nicky & Steve. They’d come out for our wedding and we hadn’t seen them since.

We left Hampshire after work on Friday and headed East, we would be staying in Eastbourne, only a couple of hours drive.

It was a lovely hot day, however the upside though, was the sun was behind use, so we weren’t too hot.

Our journey took us round through a place Bognor Regis – purely for the name (it certainly isn’t a town name that’s been replicated in NZ – thank goodness). It was pleasant on the seaside, took a couple of photos and that was it really. Onward east we headed.

Bognor Beach Side

Stopped for tea at the Treacle Mine in Polegate – delicious food and quite well priced. Always enjoy a treat out, especially when it tastes as you imagine it would.

Our accommodation in Eastbourne was at the Da Vinci, half a block from the seafront and really nice inside. The first hotel room where we’ve had an entrance way to our room. While parking was on the street it was free and for the first night we’d arrived after parking hours.

After checking in, we went out for quiet drink on the seafront – the air was still pleasant and warm.

Beachy Head & Lancing – Saturday 27

Next morning, up for a full cooked breakfast and coffee from Costa before heading off round the coast for some scenic views. We stopped at Beachy Head to look out over the sea, the English Channel.

Magnificent views. The road round the coast was a nice piece of road – but there was no where to pass the slow people. Thankfully there weren’t many and the group of cyclists we encountered soon took another route.

We spent the afternoon catching up with Nicky & Steve and their little girls. Enjoying lunch down at the local pub and playing in the playground with them. So good to finally catch up.

Eastbourne in the Evening

Brighton – Sunday 28

Sunday, we meandered our way home the long way, following the coast road back round past Beachy Head, and further than yesterday to Brighton. We stopped in Brighton and walked the beach front and pier and that was it. Brighton was well….. ok we’ve done that now.

Eastbourne, Brighton & Sussex

The West Pier – which burnt down in 2003

Pavilion Gardens were nice with the Indian themed buildings and then we wandered round through “the Lanes” (something well known in Brighton). Saw a chocolate shop “Choccywoccydoodah” – the chocolate blocks were like 2 inches thick plus there were ‘bouquets’ of marshmallows covered in chocolate. All of it looked delicious. There are also numerous jeweler stores in the Lanes, new stock and antiques – how there is so much find to sell is amazing.

West Sussex

After the brief call in at Brighton we headed back into West Sussex where we looked round where Simon used to live, both before and after Yorkshire (we’re headed there next month). Some things haven’t changed he said – like the bus he used to catch is still the #700. Popped in to surprise an old friend at his work; super stoked to see Simon again.


Our last visiting stop was Arundel.

Driving up the road from Ford, you are awarded an amazing view of Arundel, perched on a hill with it’s castle and Abbey/Cathedral. It’s such a pity the UK hasn’t thought to have bypasses on their roads for people to pull over and take photos (one suggestion since, has been to just put your hazards on).

We parked up by the castle and wondered around the village, grabbing a cup of coffee on the way.

Arundel was a lovely place, bathed in the sunshine.

We journeyed home through the South Downs National Park, having a delicious curry for tea in Petersfield.

A Beautiful Little Spot on Our Way Home



FitBit Data. 27/05: 14.19KM’s – SRT 14,724; SJT 12,588; 28/05: 13.94KMs SRT: 21,650; SJT 18,195

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