Surrey – Hillsong, Guildfuild

March 5, 2017

We took our second visit to Hillsong today. We haven’t yet been able to make it as regular as we would have liked to yet but to be able to go on occasion is excellent. (Since discovering monthly train tickets* – we save a bit on commuting each month, allowing for a Hillsong visit a bit more – YAY!!)

This time though, we had to take a bus. We’d thought initially of going to the service then heading back to Woking to have a look. But unfortunately the weekend we picked they were working on the line between Basingstoke & Woking. This meant we would be taking the train to Basingstoke then getting on a coach to Guildford. It wasn’t too bad really, on the way there it was raining and the windows steamed up so we didn’t get to see much. However on the way back the rain had cleared and we got to enjoy some more English countryside – the upside of being on a bus**.

The service was excellent, great worship (with a real drum kit and more than one tone) and the message even better. The speaker was the pastor from one of the London centres and he spoke about offence. That when one decides to take offence (chooses to be offended whether offense is intended or not) they basically put on rose-coloured glasses and when anything else happens that is a similar situation they will only see it through the offence, thereby obscuring everything and discolouring their view. Strongly recommend a listen.Hillsong




FitBit Data. Day/Month: 7.55KM’s – SRT N/A; SJT 9,684

*South West Trains have daily, weekly and monthly tickets available to purchase (some can be done through a machine but some you need to go to the counter for). Highly recommend looking into this if you commute to the same place for work.

**Many of the roads here have trees/hedges bordering the roads, so in a car, as a passenger you don’t really get much of a view of the countryside. One of the downsides of driving in England. In a bus you’re higher up so you have a better perspective.

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