Steps Day – Freedom in Christ

December 3, 2016

For the past 7  weeks, our cell group has been progressing through the course, Disciple, by Freedom in ChristSteps Day - Freedom in Christ

Through the course of the weeks you follow through this book here, along with the corresponding videos…

After about week 7 or 8, it is recommended that a full day is booked out to follow through this book.

Always highly prudent to have prayer teams praying for this day too, both leading up to and during.

There are 4 books, also recommended to read, during, or after following through this Disciple course.

We both enjoyed the course and found it extremely beneficial, for spiritual, emotional and mental healing. For further information, have a look at the above website, and see if your local church is offering it or interested in organising the course.

These cards are part of the pack for the course as well, they have verses on them for you to read to yourself. We would read them in pairs, to each other. They are replicated from ‘homework’ at the end of some of the sessions.




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