Stage 5 – Birthday Party & See you Soon

August 13-14, 2016

Birthday Boy with his snazzy ride

Our last two days in Wuppertal/Remscheid were spent with family and extended family. Saturday was the family Birthday party for Julian. We met Mario’s mum and partner and a couple of his cousins. And many from Micha’s side were there. Everyone brought cake, there were many to sample.

Sara & Julian

Birthday Boy = 1

Saturday evening, after everyone had gone home, and the little one was in bed asleep, the 4 of us enjoyed an evening outside in the summer evening warmth, and shared a sesha and talked and talked about anything and everything. It was a brilliant time and was sad to think we were headed back across the channel in less than 24 hours.

Simon & Julian

Last Day in Sunny Germany

Sunday – our last day in Germany, for this trip, we will be back. We enjoyed a bit of a sleep in, some breakfast and then we were headed to Willi & Renate’s for lunch before we would head back to Düsseldorf to catch our flight.

While we would be away Mario set ‘Betty’, the automatic, circular vacuum cleaner to vacuum and clean the floor in the living/kitchen/dining room. Once she was set to work, the boys – Simon, Mario & Julian – were avidly watching ‘her’ go about her business. Sara leaned in between to get a photo, when this little hand clamped down on her shoulder, Master Julian was not impressed that she’d blocked his view of ‘Betty’. Such a cutie.

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the sun, having a few drinks and chatting away. The afternoon passed by nicely, not too fast. The whole week had gone by at a nice steady pace, rather than getting home and feeling like we’d barely been away. Willi & Renate took us to the airport. After saying our good byes to Micha, Mario & Julian a pleasant drive along the Autobahn in Willi’s BMW 5 series, before then saying goodbye to Willi & Renate.

It had been a fabulous week of celebrations, sightseeing and enjoying great company. We can’t wait to head back again soon. Next time, to Limburg to check out Kathy & Patrick’s neck of the woods….



(Fitbit data: 13/08 4.54km – SRT 7,052; SJT 5,927. 14/08 5.8km – SRT 1,240; SJT 7,436)

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