Stage 2 – Wuppertal, Germany


August 07-09, 2016

The Morning After


Sunday was a quiet affair. Patrick’s family came round for morning tea. We napped, as we were still tired from our rather late night. Hadn’t been out that late for many a year. It was another lovely warm day – summer here in Germany was a lot more real than it can feel in England. We lounged around and watch Julian toddle around the yard. He is such a cute boy, turning 1 at the end of the week.

Later in the afternoon, we all said goodbye to Kathy & Patrick, who were heading back home to Limburg before deciding where to go away for a few days. We headed over to Wuppertal, where Micha & Mario live, up a hill with a view of the surrounding part of town. We spent the evening enjoying good food and great company, talked until late.


Wuppertal, Germany - Lion Statue

Mario had taken the entire week off to hang with us and be our driver.On Monday we headed into the centre of Wuppertal with Mario of a wander around the shops and of course get coffee. We walked up and down the mall and then out into the streets. The electronics chain in Germany, or one of them, is Saturn, we had a nosey in there, hunting out the new camera bag we were considering (ended up buying it off German website for an excellent price).

Lunch was at an Italian pizza/pasta place – delicious. There were little white bread buns given out at the start and they were warm and scrumptious with melted butter on them – mmmmm. Sara finally had Jaege in Germany and Simon sampled more German beer.

Ice cream

On the way back to the car there was a shoe shop, Sara went in to try on a pair that she’d seen in the window, but the pink on them had faded and there wasn’t a new pair. A wander round the shop and Simon pointed out these hot pink studded heels. Sara was in love and they were only €15 – a bargain. Stopping at the shops on the way home resulted in buying Milka chocolate and Haribro sweets – plus we got some Toblerone & Milka ice cream – these cute wee tubs, they were delicious.

In the afternoon we all went for a walk along the old railway line near their home, which has been paved over and used by cyclists and walkers. Even Julian walked some of the way, or was in the pram or on Dad’s shoulders.

Half-way point

Tuesday was a day of walking, sight seeing and a lot of waffles. After Julian had been to daycare, we headed towards Remscheid, to Munster Bridge – there’s one train that crosses it – going between Remscheid & Solingen. We walked up to and under the bridge to a manpowered basket swing to get across the river.

Manpowered, as in the people making the crossing were the ones powering it get across. It as too long a journey and was much fun. We made it boys against girls – Micha went back to the car and would meet us at our destination. So it was Sara & Renate vs Simon & Mario/Willi (they took turns). Then it was a lovely walk through the forest to the little town of Solingen.

Our destination was Schloss Burg, or more specifically a waffle house just next to the Castle. We walked through an idylic town to the base of the hill where we took a ski lift up to the Castle and the surrounding restaurants and cafes.

The view was spectacular – out across the valley.

Lunch was a 6 course meal of waffles, cold meats, breads and cream. There was a list/menu of which order you had the different types of options.

We were all extremely full afterwards but it was such a treat. It was our birthday present from them all.

Afterwards we had a wander just inside the castle grounds, a look in the gift shop (a couple of post cards) There was a shop where they sold metal goods – the steel of which was found in the area and all the pieces were made in Solingen. We bought a little coffee spoon. There were some embroidery scissors that caught Sara’s attention, but left them, maybe for another time.

It was time to head back home, we were all very full and a tad tired as one is after such a fulfilling meal. So we headed back to Micha’s car, packed in, dropped Willi & Renate back at their car and then headed home.



(Fitbit data: 8/8: 11.99kms SRT 18,611, SJT n/a. 9/8: 6.95km SRT 10,788, SJT 8,500)

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