Stage 1 – Remscheid, Germany

August 04-06, 2016

Finally we headed to Remscheid, Germany, Sara’s second home. We were flying over for Sara’s host-sister’s wedding. Sara had been on an exchange in high school and was very excited to be finally going back.

Southampton Airport

We flew with Flybe* from Southampton, via Manchester on the way over to Düsseldorf, but direct to Southampton on the way back. It was an afternoon flight, so it was a nice quiet easy morning, packing the last few things and weighing the cases. We took the train down to Southampton Airport Parkway, the station is literally right next to the terminal, it’s so convenient. After checking in, we went upstairs for a bite to eat along with our customary drink in an airport – browsing duty free on our way through. Here they can have different prices for duty free depending on whether you’re just going across the water or actually leaving the EU.

Always check to see which NZ is on the shelf over here

The flight to Manchester was smooth and uneventful. So cool looking out the window and seeing the birds’ eye view of all the houses lined up in their little closes and rolling lush green hills – rather different from the Canterbury Patch-work Quilt Plains. We had a little over an hour in Manchester, we bought a couple of books and had a drink. The bar area was rather busy, small and crowded but we managed to find a seat.

Reading for the trip & Our Usual

Remscheid, Germany – We’ve Arrived

Then we were headed for Germany – Exciting!! We arrived just after 8 in the evening. Kathy (Sara’s host-sister and Bride-to-be) and Dad, Willi met us at the airport. We were staying with the parents for the weekend and then the week with Micha, Mario & Julian. Thursday became a late evening, of course, with catching up and not setting our watches to local time upon arriving. It was great to catch up and chat with old friends again.

Our first full day in Remscheid, Germany – was the day before the wedding, things were rather calm. We headed into the town centre to do a spot of shopping with Willi & Renate, for a few last minute things and lunch things for Patrick’s (the Groom) parents visiting. It was so good to be back in a place that felt like coming home. Simon tried many a German beer.

Sara with Julian

Wedding Day

We slept late – on the houses here, they have shutters on the outside of the window that come down, either with a cord or by pushing a button and they completely block out the light. We had a great sleep and woke at about 11. The wedding was to be at 3:30(??) We had a relaxed few hours and then got dressed up for the wedding.

Kathy & Patrick were married in the family church, in the centre of Remscheid.

The wedding reception was at a lovely venue about 20 minutes from the Church. It was a fantastic night, lovely food, old school music, meeting new people, catching up with Andre (their cousin), speaking German and a 4am finish.



(Fitbit data: 4/8/16 – 4.36kms: SRT 6,774; SJT 7,041)

*Flybe is one of the budget airlines that fly between England and various locations round the Continent. While the prices weren’t too bad, like Jetstar in NZ & Oz you pay extra for checked in luggage – per flight that you take, not just for each way.

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