Staffordshire – Alton Towers

June 27, 2017

It was time for some thrill seeking, stomach-dropping excitement. Today we spent it all at Alton Towers Theme Park. We left Nottingham early enough to be able to arrive at the Park in time for it to open, to enjoy the whole day there.

We arrived just after 10, parked up and caught the monorail to the park entrance. Last year, we cut a coupon out from a cereal box which gave us 2-4-1 entry (well worth doing, Cadbury chocolate bags have them too – adult full price is £52).

Being a Tuesday and not yet school holidays, the park, thankfully, wasn’t too busy. This meant we were able to experience most of the rides and didn’t have to queue too long. The day wasn’t too hot, so no baking in the open sunshine and while there was a spot of drizzle about mid-day, it didn’t last long.

Apart from a break at lunch, we jam-packed in 12 rides in the 6.5 hours we were there.

There is of course the usual photos taken when on the ride which can be purchased for a price. They have an app –Digipass. This can be downloaded and after a ride (most of them) you collect your photo code and add it in. The app and access to your photos costs around £30. But when you divide that cost by the number of rides you collect from it works out far cheaper then buying the photos individually. You get them all and can do with as you wish.

We rode:

Ride #1:  The Runaway Train, Katanga Canyon – started easy, Sara’s first time and all – that and we were working our way round the park clockwise from the entrance.

#2: Duel, Gloomy Wood – this was average – you ride along with laser guns and compete for the highest score. However you’re so focused on hitting the lights that the ‘scary’ things coming out don’t have any effect.

Alton Towers

#3: Nemesis, Forbidden Valley – Simon was excited for this one, had ridden a few times in the past. This would be Sara’s first time in an upside down spinning one. It was exciting, but not as much as Simon had remembered it being.

#4: The Blade, Forbidden Valley – this was quite cool, being swayed back n forth, right to the extreme of being vertical to the ground. It did make the stomach lurch, which added to the experience.


#5: Skyride – not an actual ride, but still part of the fun – a gondola ride over The Gardens of Alton Towers.

#6: Thirteen, Dark Forrest – this was FUN & EXHILARATING – you’re spun round the on the roller coaster, then you enter a dark barn, stop for a second, then you drop and go backwards – that was fun!!!

#7: Hex – this wasn’t too bad, the ride part is done very well, gives the illusion you’re being spun round the inside of a barrel.

After this ride we stopped for lunch at Woodcutters Bar & Grill – this was delicious and the wait wasn’t too bad, considering it was lunchtime and the place was busy.

#8: The Smiler, X-Sector – this was our favourite of the day. It is about twice the length of all the other rides. Most are over in a few minutes, but this one stops in the middle and then you set off again. This had the longest wait, about 20 minutes, but was so worth it.

#9: Enterprise, X-Sector – this ride – the video is over on our video page. This one was nauseating and we were pleased it didn’t go backwards, as lunch could have made a re-appearance. You’re not strapped in, you’re held by the G-force of the ride. Impressive on that account, but not to be repeated.

#10: Oblivion, X-Sector – this was jaw-dropping awesome. When we first walked into the X-Sector part of the park and saw the drop into the hole, we were dubious about doing it. A friend had told us about it and we knew what he meant when we saw it. Which is why we did the Smiler first. But then as we were watching the rides, logic said it was only for a split second, the drop and then you were back round to the finish and reason to – that we wouldn’t be coming back, and we’d regret it if we didn’t do it – so we joined the queue. PHENOMENAL experience!!! A video is over on our video page.

#11: Rita, Dark Forest – this was good, just fast round the track. You’re stationary and then you’re not and before you know it, you’re back at the start.

#12: Congo River Rapids, Katanga Canyon – we attempted to go on this ride after the Runaway Train but it was late in opening and we didn’t want to waste time. So after Rita, we hightailed it back to the other end of the park to catch this before closing. It was a leisurely ride over rapids, got a little wet, but not bad.

We then walked through Haunted Hollow walk of Gloomy Wood – not very scary, more pleasant.

Then the day was over, we had an ice cream before leaving. We’d enjoyed our day at the park, were pleased with the results. Now we were headed north to Doncaster for the next couple of days.



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