St Giles’ Hill, Central Winchester

August 26, 2016

One of the other pamphlets we had picked up about walks around Winchester was a twilight one which took you up St Giles’ Hill, which promised a spectacular view of Winchester.

St Giles' Hill - the view

We bought some tea and headed up the hill. When you first reach the park, you kind of wonder where you’re going to see the view from because the park is surround by trees. But as you walk along the park (southwards) you see there is a viewing platform jutting out between the trees and over the hill.

The View

We continued on to the south end of the park to sit and eat tea. This gave a view towards the south, St Catherine’s Hill (where we had walked up on walk to the Viaduct). It was a pleasant evening to sit and enjoy the view.


Then we went over to the viewing platform. It gave a great view of Winchester and the valley it sits within. Although Winchester is classed as a city, it is the “villages/suburbs” surrounding that are part of her boundaries. So the view from St Giles was mainly of the heart of Winchester City itself, which is nestled within a valley.

The view of Winchester from this point is vastly different to that of Christchurch from Victoria Park.

There was a woman up there taking photos as well, she had two cute dogs with her (one untied and the other tied – because she was likely to run off to explore). The woman said that apparently as the sun sets over Winchester the sky changes to different colours. We waited for awhile but we think it was too cloudy to experience the light change. Another time, it will have to be.



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