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Map of Islay

In order for me to experience the finest Islay whiskeys in one hit, it was better to go to Islay and tackle them all in one go… Poor Me.

The first leg of my trip was to leave Southampton and fly up to Glasgow where I would meet up with Harish and Raj. The flight up was painless enough, however, the turbulence into Glasgow was a little much but It’s good to experience new things such as landing sideways.

Having met up with the other two we decided to have a drink and ask the barman how to pronounce ‘Islay’, We didn’t really want to turn up and disappoint the locals with our ignorance. Another problem that we should have worked on prior to arriving was to pronounce the names of the distilleries correctly, unfortunately, the barman was even struggling, o well we will wing it.

Extra leg room

Our flight to Islay was on a washing machine but I did manage to sit in the VIP section, being near the exit with more than enough leg room plus I would get to leave the plane first in case it decides to transform into a boat.

As Islay is limited to only 3 buses expensive taxis and… that’s it, It’s more beneficial to book a tour which includes a minivan plus driver to take you wherever you need to go. We had a lovely lady that picked us up from the airport and took us to the distilleries and returned us back to the airport.

Bruichladdich Distillery
Bruichladdich Distillery

After arriving in Islay we were picked up by our tour guide and taken to our accommodation which was a lovely hostel in Port Charlotte. Fantastic SYHA clean, warm and very helpful staff.

As our tour didn’t start until the next day and we had some time to kill we decided to visit the Bruichladdich Distillery, Very nice young whisky that produces the Port Charlotte variety (Recommend the Copper Tin).

The next day we were ready to tackle the distilleries that we discussed the night before to make the most of our time here. Unfortunately, the most well-known distillery Laphroiag was closed all day but luckily open tomorrow before our flight back.


Our first distillery was Kilchoman. This is a very new distillery so they’re not all about age but more about new and vibrant taste. This was the only distillery tour we did and I highly recommend it as they are all about using natural methods producing the finest whisky.

Drying out the barley







Our next stop and lunch was the Ardbeg distillery. The tastings were good but lacked the personal touch, it seemed very commercial and rushed. The prices were high for what it really is.

Ardbeg whisky tasting


After lunch and a short drive we ended up at Lagavulin distillery.


This tasting was by far the best, as not only do you sit in a relaxed environment in lovely soft leather chairs, but they also give you chocolate to help with the pallet in distinguishing the different ages.


Most distilleries have a set price for whisky tasting but at Bunnahabhain they just keep topping you up. It was fantastic, so fantastic that we each bought a bottle.

bunnahabhain stock
bunnahabhain beach

The next day feeling surprisingly fresh we were finally going to visit Laphroaig, but I suggested that we try Bowmore first. I’m glad we went as this helped seal the deal on a couple of bottles I had my eye on, but was hesitant if it could match Laphroaig. It did.


Bowmore Sign
Bowmore Tasting
Bowmore Bar

Finally Laphroaig

Our final stop and what a fantastic end to the weekend. Finally laid claim to my plot of land.

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