Salisbury, Wiltshire

September 11, 2016

Simon’s work mate Kevin and his fiancé Allison were keen travellers of the countryside and offered to take us over to Salisbury, Wiltshire for the day. They picked us up from Winchester station and we headed through the Salisbury Plains to Salisbury. We parked up, leaving the boys to pay the parking…..

The four of us wandered round through to the centre of Salisbury, narrow village streets, lined with various old buildings from the different eras and styles of English history. Finding it to be morning tea time, we popped into the local Costa in the square for a bite to eat and coffees all around. We sat and chatted for well over an hour.

After coffee and getting to know each other, well Sara & Allison, we headed over towards the Cathedral. There was a fare going on in the grounds of the Cathedral, with a band playing, a rather good band at that.

Salisbury Cathedral

We walked around the Cathedral, marveling at the stained glass windows and the architecture of its day. Cathedrals are impressive buildings, especially given their height, size of brick work and the detail inside for the time that they were built. The ceilings are incredibly high, with intricate detail in them.

There is a room off to the side of the Cathedral in the square, enclosed grounds where the original Magna Carta of 1215. It’s in a clothed box within the room, that you can go in to see it, in it’s glass casing. It’s quite cool to be seeing these things of history that, so far, we’d only read and heard about in history in school, many years ago.Salisbury, Wiltshire

After our wander through the Cathedral, it was lunch time. We found a pub, sat in the sunlight and chatted away the hours. Then we walked back through the town and found another pub for a couple of drinks and some dessert.

We had a lovely time, getting to know new friends, seeing history and new scenery. The best part of the day: we got back to the car to find a parking ticket. Allison and Sara went over to the ticket machine to see there was a box specifically detailing the cost of parking on a Sunday. The Boys hadn’t seen this and had thought it was free parking on a Sunday.

Saying for the day was Kevin: “Do they ever stop talking?” (as in Sara & Allison)



(Fitbit data: 5.81km – SRT 9,020; SJT 8,678)

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