Railway Viaduct Walk, River Itchen, Winchester

July 9, 2016

We decided to explore further afield today and we had a number of pamphlets on walks around Winchester to choose from. We chose the old/original Railway Viaduct walk, built in the late 1880’s.

Railway Viaduct Walk

It was a beaut summer’s day – July was turning out to be a lot more sun than rain, as June had had. We headed down through the centre of town, to the Mill and turned right to follow the River Itchen south. It was a lovely walk through the Winchester countryside.

About a third of the way into the walk, one can choose to take the flat route or to go up and over St Catherine’s Hill. We chose to walk up St Catherine’s Hill. Why not burn a few extra calories, feel the burn of an uphill climb – oh and see some fantastic views.

We got to see views of Winchester from the south and with a clear day the view was brilliant. At the top we were treated to a 360° view of the countryside.

This is where we walked down – a well seasoned track.

The lovely River Itchen flowing through the Winchester, Hampshire countryside.

Railway Viaduct Walk – Little Bit of History

Railway Viaduct Walk

The Viaduct was designed by W. R. Galbraith (could we be related???) and built by the London and South West Railway. The idea for it to be built was to join the Didcot, Newbury, Southampton line to the main line. However, it wasn’t completed and stopped where it stands today.*It still continued as a railway though, up until the 1960’s but is now a walk and cycleway.

The Viaduct

Designed by an Ancestor…perhaps??

The Winchester Railway Viaduct across the River Itchen

A walk through the countryside and a sighting of a cute wittle brown bunny made the day.

And of course our afternoon was finished off with a drink at a pub, the first one on the way back into town, we were rather famished and thirsty by that point. Unfortunately the Bell Inn’s kitchen was closed, so we settled for a packet of crisps each, jaege/red thunder for Sara and a pint for Simon (though is still trying to find a beer he likes – it’s proving a little tough)

(Fitbit Data: 13.41km – SRT 20,822 steps; SJT n/a)



*Thank you Wikipedia

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