Portchester Castle, Portchester, River Solent

November 5, 2016


Portchester Castle

Portchester and its castle is on the train line down to Portsmouth, we’d passed through the time we’d headed to Gunwharf. We’d considered popping down to while we were still in Titchfield Common, but didn’t get round to it.

So when Simon’s Mum suggested catching, we proposed the idea of meeting in Portchester. We took the train down to Portchester and they picked us up. We walked around the walls of the Castle, quite an expansive piece of land it’s on, right next to the sea/Solent. You can see Portsmouth and Gosport and even the Isle of Wight in the distance. The sun was out which made for a pleasant walk, though the wind bitingly cold.

We went into the Castle area, while Val and Jack went on down to the church in the grounds.

You can get an audio guide to take you round the castle, it was quite informative, but quite a bit of information to it, so we not listened to like half of it.

The View

Once at the top, the view was excellent, could see right down the Solent through to Isle of Wight and eastwards to Southampton. It shows, really just how close places are down here in the south. Most of the time, the time it takes getting somewhere, if driving, is the amount of traffic.

We enjoyed the view, got some great photos and then headed back down, as the wind was freezing (and yet no ice capped alps nearby).

Had a look in the church, they were prepping for a wedding, the order of service was lovely.

Then we popped into Fareham for lunch at Castle in the Air, we’d been there once before for lunch when we were wondering around Fareham. The food was good.

Afterwards we grabbed a couple of things from the local shops that we don’t have n Winchester and caught the train home. The train straight through to Winchester wasn’t for another 45 minutes, so we caught the train to Southampton, passed our old haunt, Swanwick and then up from Southampton to Winchester – the tickets here are great like that, you can take whichever train will get you where you’re going.



(Fitbit data: 11.61km – SRT 17,282; SJT 12,975)

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