Paulton’s Park

April 17, 2016 – we decided to embrace our inner child and headed to Paulton’s Park, just outside of Southampton, where we met up with dear friends Raj, Rajvi & Sachin and their gorgeous children, Tehya & Tanay. We had a fantastic day, riding both childrens’ and adults’ rides.

Paulton's Park

We caught up with them all a little after 10am and started our turns on the rides, getting to the park early was a great idea, as it meant we didn’t have to que too long for the rides. We started out in the Peppa Pig section and enjoyed many of the rides. We then made our way anti-clockwise round the park, heading towards the adult rides.

Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip

Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Ride

Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Ride

Professor Blast’s Expedition Express


Sara & Tehya




By lunch time we had been on the rides as pictured as well as: the Pirate Ship, Teacup Ride, Kontiki, the Victorian Carousel and through the Beastie Burrow. After lunch it was time for a few adult rides with Rajvi & Raj while Sachin watched the kiddies, as they were too small for these rides. We went on: the Cobra (roller coaster) and Magma – which went up to the top and came down really fast.


Penguin’s Lunch Time

We also went on the Sky Swing, which is a carousel of swing seats that as the carousel spins round the seats swing out, like at old school fair grounds. There was the Dragon ride too, this made us feel a bit queasy, it went round really really fast, too fast. Towards the end of our day we went back to Peppa’s World to try out Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter flight, Peppa’s Balloon ride, the Windy Castle and George’s Dinosaur Adventure – this was pretty cool, Tehya rode with Sara.

Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride

Peppa's Big Balloon Ride

We had a fantastic day, hanging out and catching up with friend. Tehya and Tanay loved walking round and holding our hands or getting carried and we enjoyed getting to know these great little people. The weather, despite being still cold spring weather was brilliant, the sun shone most of the day and we didn’t get too cold.

So pleased made a day of it. We thoroughly enjoyed something different, something we probably wouldn’t have gone, without having children yet. It’s all about trying and doing new experiences.

S & S


Paulton's Park Map

NB1: purchase your tickets online at least a day before you go, as you’ll receive a discount (this appears to the case with many English attractions). Even if you don’t have a printer to print the tickets, with a smart phone the machine can scan the ticket’s barcode from your phone on the day. Kids are free under a certain height -1m (with shoes on), rather than age, as they need to be a certain height for most of the rides and thus may not qualify for many of them.

NB2: the Salisbury Red Bus X7 doesn’t run on a Sunday, so be aware if planning public transport to Paulton’s on such a day, we found out the hard way, we instead took a taxi – we paid a fixed price of £20 for the trip to the park – depending on how long it takes to get there ie: traffic conditions, it could take longer, so it is worth asking for a fixed price from your taxi driver. It isn’t an uncommon journey for taxi’s so getting a fixed price is worth a shot.

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