Paris – Palace of Versailles

April 26, 2017

Palace of Versailles


It’s all that can be said.

Wednesday morning, we were visiting the Palace of Versailles – where the Treaty of Versailles was signed in the Hall of Mirrors which ended World War 1. Sara had been wanting to visit here since studying history in High School. We caught the Metro to the outskirts of Paris, having to get a small extra ticket to get to Versailles.

You get off the train, the station is not that big (about 3 platforms), exit the station, turn right and take the first left and just at the end of that street – there it is!! It is AMAZING. The gold gates and the sheer size of the palace is unbelievably magnificent. You really do just stop and gaze at it in awe.

Having ordered our tickets online, we joined the queue with everyone else that (it was a little longer than we had hoped but it did move quite swiftly).

Once in, the layout for one to get around the Palace is extremely well organised. You enter from the start of the bottom of one wing and follow through the rooms to the end and then up on the second floor.

The rooms are well preserved and still in original state. The beds are really small, short too. There are so many paintings in each room and then there are rooms where the walls are just covered in paintings, from full wall size to small portraits. Another hall/room has paintings depicting each war that France has been involved in throughout history. The paintings line the wall from one end of the room to the other, on both sides. Such a way to memoralise history. So much history in each room, and corner of the Palace.

Hall of Mirrors

This was something to behold, staggeringly beautiful but so full of the weight of history. Being in the same room as the leaders of nations sat to end WWI – was something to sit and reflect on.

Palace of Versailles

There is a café/restaurant at the Palace, along with obligatory gift shop. After lunch we ventured outside to the gardens.

Hall of Battles

Awestruck – they are huge, well manicured, the view spectacular and, again, so amazing. The photos just can’t do it justice but give a good impression.

You need at least a full day to explore the Palace and gardens. We saw all round the Palace and Petite Trianon – there was still Grand Trianon and the Residences of Mary Antoinette to see, but time was pressing on and we were getting tired – again a lot of walking, more than yesterday.

Petite Trianon

We meandered on back into Paris via train and went back to the hotel for a rest before popping back to Champs Elysees to buy a Swatch watch for Simon.

After shopping we walked the rest of Champs Elysees, down to the The Big Wheel at Place de la Concorde, bought a Paris brolly and stood in the middle of the road again, with the Champs Elysees and the wheel behind us.

Our obligatory stop for the trip, was tea at the Paris Hard Rock café. Before tea we popped into have a look at the Layfette Galleria – there are 8? Floors, a glass dome in the centre and nothing at all there that we wanted to even consider buying. Walking round floor of shoes, Sara wasn’t interested. There were Guess shoes, but boring ones, nothing exciting. And all the labels, like Dior, Christian Louboutin – they were hideous, not worth wishing to have the money to buy. So it was fun to have a look but no need to get the wallet out.

We concluded our day with dinner at the Hard Rock – enjoying pasta and fajita, with cocktails and beer.



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