Paris – Eiffel Tower & 58 Eiffel

April 25, 2017

Eiffel Tower

Lunch was booked for 1:30 on level one of the Eiffel Tower.

Walking along the riverside was a little cold and we were getting a bit peckish so we did a quick google search for cafes (there aren’t any along the river like we’d thought there might have been). Starbucks was just a few blocks away – easiest option as it was what we knew and would have seating in the warmth. A quick coffee and we headed to the Eiffel Tower, which now, wasn’t too far away. And there she was!!!

Impressive. Different seeing it up front as it was in pictures. Pictures are always in black and white or some colour that doesn’t really show the real colour of the steel or the impressiveness of the monument. It was spectacular.

We saw it from the park that is on the opposite side to the river. Finding our way into the underneath of the tower was pretty straight forward and easy. Quite something to be standing underneath looking up.

Our ticket allowed us up about 10 minute before our booking, taking the elevator.

58 Eiffel

Lunch was at “58 Eiffel”, Sara pulled the ‘it’s my birthday today’ card to get a table with a view.

There was a 3 course meal with abut 5-6 options to choose from for each course. All the food we ate was delicious.

With Sara’s dessert they put a candle in it.

After lunch, we headed up to the second level, but decided to save going right to the top until next time (gotta have a reason to go back + as it seems, shopping in Montmartre).

Eiffel Tower & 58 Eiffel

We had a fantastic time seeing the views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower, they were spectacular. The day was excellent, warmed up and a lovely relaxing time enjoying lunch.

Now it was on to the Arc de Triompe



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