Our Wanderings

We have been to a few wee places around about where we are staying – Titchfield Abbey, Gosport, River Hamble, Titchfield, Port Solent – most which we’ve walked up the miles.

One Monday (March 14, 2016) we decided to walk down to the old Titchfield Abbey.


It is only a couple of miles down the road from us, therefore we headed out for a wander with the camera to investigate some of the history around this area. There is such history all over England, it’ll be hard to try and see it all while we are here, so we want to capture as much of it as we can. The Abbey is in ruins, it’s no longer covered and open to all weathers. It was an Abbey before Tudor times, having been built in the early 12th century. When the Tudor’s began their rise in the 15th century, the Abbeys around England were suppressed and thus gifted, quite often to friends and loyal subjects of the King. This particular Abbey was gifted to the 1st Earl of Southampton, Thomas Wriothesley, who then turned the Abbey into a grand palace home.

Our wander was finished off with lunch and a cold drink at the Titchfield Mill. It is nice to spend the time together out, under blue skies (even if the wind is a little chilly).


A Thursday (March 17, 2016) took us to Gosport – the port opposite Portsmouth. We had a book to collect, “Keep Your Love On – Danny Silk”, and the only Christian Bookshop near us was in Gosport, so when they rang to say they had it, we decided to take the bus round to Gosport. In hindsight, it probably would’ve been quicker to go by train to Portsmouth Harbour and take the ferry across to Gosport, but where would the fun have been in that. It took an hour from Titchfield Common via Fareham to Gosport. The bus route takes you through little villages including Subbington & Lee-On-Solent. Lee-On-Solent was a beautiful place, especially in the bright sunshine, with a boardwalk alongside the river Solent, little shops & cafes dotted along in places. We imagined coming back one summer afternoon/evening to eat fish n chips by the river. We spent a little time in Gosport, enjoying a very cold Creme Egg McFlurry by the harbour, made even colder by the cold air, wandered along the waterfront before taking the winding bus ride back.


Then on a Saturday (March 19, 2016) we decided to walk down to the River Hamble, about 2.5miles each way. Quite the distance to walk. Thankfully, it didn’t rain, but it sure felt like it was threatening to. It was a chance to explore a little more the neighbourhood we were living in, as well as something to do. It can be a little hard when you’re in new surroundings, you’ve turned your whole living around – from what you know and do without even thinking – to something completely different, where nothing is as you’re used to. Adjusting is a given, but being easy, it is not. So you get out and make the most of your time! Anyhoo, we walked down as far as the river, attempted to walk some of the distance along the river, but the wind was way to bitter and cold, so we decided to turn around and find somewhere for lunch. We enjoyed lunch at the Silver Fern, great options, great price & warm inside.


This row of Tudor housing is on the main street of the next village over from where we are staying – Titchfield. It was a rather warm day (Wednesday March 23, 2016) for England, especially for early Spring, that we went on another wandering walk. Google maps suggested it wasn’t too far to Titchfield (less than the walk to the River Hamble), with a couple of easy routes to walk, with footpaths*, we thought we would have a look.

The streets are quite narrow and entry ways quite low – as you can see Simon standing next to one in the photo. There is a bus that passes through the village frequently, it is interesting seeing it maneuver round the tiny streets, cars have to back up to allow the bus through if there are cars parked on the side, because there certainly isn’t room for both. It was the warmest day we had experienced since arriving in the UK, that while walking it was too warm to wear a jacket/jumper.

We walked along the main street and down through the old church that is still in use, St Peter’s**, finishing the afternoon off with a drink and scone/cupcake at a quaint cafe, Daisy B’s.


The Thursday before Easter (March 24, 2016), we all went to Port Solent for lunch, (there was grocery shopping involved but that’s not all that exciting, is it?). Lunch was at the Harvester, it has an all you can eat salad bar, a great range of options, along with dressings. The weather that day had turned awful, blowing wind and grey clouds with rain not too far off the horizon. Dessert was HUGE, much bigger than we had been expecting, we could barely finish it. Chocolate brownie Sundae – it had brownie, vanilla ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry on top. It was so delicious. We were very full after that.


Easter In England – our first Event Holiday away from home. Weather wise, the weekend was pretty ick. On the Saturday, we ventured into Portsmouth, by bus, to go to the movies to see the new Batman vs. Superman movie at Gunwharf Quays. We stopped in at Wilko to get sugar supplies – you can fill a cup for 2pounds.  The movie was average, story line took a while to connect the two characters and the ending not so exciting. When we came out it was pouring with rain, we scurried over to the bus stop to catch the bu home, thankfully having taken the bus, it meant we would be dropped off just round the corner from the house. (If we had taken the train, it would be a 20 minute walk). Wise thinking at the start of our journey = tick. Sunday morning the Easter bunny had arrived. The 3 little bunnies above, come in a stuffed bunny rabbit. Chocolate here is pretty good. Cadbury mini eggs are so moreish, you can’t stop eating them. And Lindt chocolate is soooo smooth.

*not all routes around this area seem to have complete footpaths, while there may be parts on one side, it doesn’t always seem to be the case that a footpath runs along both sides of the road.

**St Peter’s is the oldest church in England, built in 680AD.



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