Nottinghamshire – Nottingham

June 26, 2017

Our next journey had begun

This time in a Renault Megane GT, 6 speed manual and we were headed north to Yorkshire with a side trip to Staffordshire.

We drove up the M1 – the first motorway opened for a straight route from the North to the South. It was busy but not too bad, we gradually moved our way through without any delays. The weather was pleasant all the way up, not too hot and not wet. We stopped about half way to swap drivers and grab a coffee – Costa. There are many ‘Services’ stops along the motorways and A roads – and they are all quite excellent options to stop at without having to go into a city/town centre*.


The first part of our journey would be to Nottingham, home of Robin Hood. We arrived mid-afternoon (only took about 3 hours to get there from home). After checking in we wandered into town to visit the old pub in the cave – Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. The pub is built on the side of the hill where Nottingham castle sits, and is built into the hill, where the booths are actual cave inlets.


We enjoyed a quiet drink inn the evening warmth.

Robin Hood

Nottingham Town Centre

Trams are a way of getting round Nottingham

It was a quiet evening in Nottingham. Other than the spot of shopping we didn’t do anything else. Tomorrow was to be thrill seeking….

See the next post for the next stage of our Up North adventure….



FitBit Data. Day/Month: 9.67KM’s – SRT 15,016; SJT 12,139

*Services vary in size from basic necessities – fuel, one or two food options and a coffee shop up to like a food court from a mall but twice the size. There’s options for fast food, coffee, restaurant eating, food options from Marks n Spencer food hall. They are a fantastic option to be able to have a pit stop when you’re on a mission to get somewhere without having to waste time in a town centre, finding a park etc – because they’ve all got free parking, a time limit but that’s like 3 hours.

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