Movie Time, Eastleigh, Hampshire

Movie Time Eastleigh, Hampshire

August 27, 2016

The time had come for us to go to the movies again. It’d been awhile. We had seen Batman v Superman at Easter in Portsmouth; Captain America: Civil War at Fareham in April and Absolutely Fabulous Movie at Everyman here in Winchester in July. Now it was time to see the new Bourne movie, with Matt Damon back as Jason Bourne.

We took the train down to Eastleigh, making the most of the day as we usually do. However, there isn’t a lot to Eastleigh, just the main street and an average sized mall before getting into the residential area. We wandered up one side of the main street and back down the other side. It was time a for morning coffee, we decided to check out Cafe Nero (this is another chain that is in various places, including Winchester, but we hadn’t yet sampled).

After our morning coffee, we walked around the mall, had a look in WH Smiths, but nothing took our fancy.

We went into the glasses shops long the main street, Sara was still trying to find the right style of glasses. There were 2 pairs at Specsavers that were promising and had them written down to order from up the store in Winchester.

We had an early tea at Nandos, which wasn’t too much different from home. Though they have a points/rewards card, which we signed up to, and they have refillable drinks, along with pick your own sauces and cutlery. A little more versatile and accommodating to different tastes for condiments and being able to have your desired choice of how much.

Jason Bourne, Eastleigh

“Jason Bourne” was very good, much better now that Matt Damon was back, he is Bourne. And again also good that Julia Stiles was part of the character list. It was much the same line of the CIA thinking Jason was just out for the bad, wanting to bring down the new black ops section of the CIA, but of course that wasn’t what he was up to. Does leave it open for another movie……



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