Mamma Mia – the Stage Show, Mayflower Theatre


October 7, 2016

Sara went to see Mamma Mia the stage show at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, with a friend, Angie, from work.


I met up with Angie for dinner before the show, we went to Wagamama in West Quay. Tried Ramen for the first time, it was delicious. Wagamama is an Asian infused restaurant, with some delicious options to choose from, but not too many so as to be overwhelmed with choice.

After dinner, we headed up the road to the Mayflower Theatre. I had been told that the theatre was lovely inside.It felt slightly smaller that the Civic Theatre (in Invercargill) but it was certainly full and this was one of the last times for the show. It had been running for about 2-3 weeks in Southampton.


The Show

You couldn’t take photos of the show, but I did get a programme, as one does. I thought that the stage show was longer running than it actually has been. It’s been running for less than 20 years, since 199?

The show was fantastic. Well rehearsed and there was a smooth flow between scenes, especially inthe changing of the set. We sat up in the balcony, so we could see when the actors came up from underneath or from the sides, ready to change the set around, but this didn’t affect the viewing or enjoyment of the show. It was very impressive ow smooth it was all handled throughout the evening.

While it was easy to compare it the movie, the stage show came first and both are brilliant examples of acting and singing. There were two actresses who played mum, but if you hadn’t read this in the programme, you wouldn’t have known the difference. The male actors, who played the friends, were excellent, jumping high, handstands and carrying each other. They must’ve been gymnasts in previous lives. Very impressive.

It was an excellent night out, so pleased to have gone to see the show.

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