A whole day in London and we fitted in quite a bit of sight seeing, thereby increasing the ever growing list of things to do. An interview was what led to organising the day in the BIG city (Auckland is so small in comparison – well NZ is very small, given our entire population could fit into London about 3-4 times over). We knew we wouldn’t do/visit/tour places this visit, so we decided to cram in as much of seeing THE sites as we possibly could.

The first step was booking the train tickets, we used trainline, which is great to use, for costing, train times and length, finding out whether direct or how many changes. We managed to get our journey, Swanwick-Havant-London Waterloo, for 70 pounds return, which was a really good price.

It was the Thursday after Easter (March 31st) and Sara was excited, Simon too – we were off to London. It started at about 6:30am when the alarm went, we got up, showered and had breakfast, checked the bags that we had what we needed and we were off. Walked up to the train station to get the train to Havant. It was going to be a great day!!!

Arriving in Havant, it was coffee time, given Sara was still on the hunt for good coffee she could rely on it was a taster day at the Pumpkin Cafe (these are at many of the train stations we’ve connected to). The coffee of choice was one being advertised and the picture looked edible – Toffee Latte with cream on top and toffee sauce (still on holiday mode, so treats galore lol). The coffee surpassed expectations and was enjoyed as we started off on the train to London Waterloo. The train journey was enjoyable, seeing the lush, green countryside flash past, getting to know the stops on this side of London and then the approach into the City of London. As we were coming into Waterloo, you can see the top of the London Eye above the buildings, the excitement was building – We Were In London!!!!

The necessary photos were taken out front Waterloo with Sara before we headed for the Underground to go to our first sight seeing stop. When booking the train tickets to London, we had an option to pay for an all day pass for the Underground, which we chose. It meant we could hop on and off the Underground as many times as we needed/wanted to while up there for the day.

We managed to fit in seeing – this was before lunch:

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

London Bridge

London Bridge

Walking the Bridge

London Bridge

Tower of London

Tower of London

We enjoyed lunch at The Drift Bar with friend Lydia. The food was pretty good, enjoyed burgers and chips. The water though, tap water, is NOT the same as NZ, we’ve had to get a filter jug. But beer and Jaege went down a treat as usual.

After lunch we went round all these places:

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

The Mall (entrance from Trafalgar Square)

The Mall entrance

The Mall – looking down to The Palace

The Mall

Buckingham Palace

Squirrels in St James' Park

Squirrels in St James’ Park

Waved Hello to Mr Cameron

Downing Street

London Eye

London Eye

Big Ben


After dinner from KFC in Oxford Street, we returned to Waterloo to catch our train back to Havant and then to Swanwick.

It was a long day, but soooo good. Sara had finally been to London. There will be many trips to be planned to return to London, involving weekend stays to explore more of what we’ve seen this day. Maybe tea with the Queen one day….



Simon’s steps: 30,824. Sara’s steps: 38,719.

  • on August 21, 2016

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