London with Friends – Greenwich Mean Time

November 26th, 2016

We were headed back to London for the day (our first trip was back in March). This time we were going with friends, Kevin & Allison, with a list of places on their recommendation.

There were a number of things on the list to achieve and we did pretty well. We were going to Greenwich Mean Time, Hampstead Heath, the Emirates Skyline (up and over the Thames). Along with trying to see the Christmas Lights of London and Harrods (needed a Christmas Bauble).London with Friends - Greenwich

The plan was to stay at their place so that we could all catch the early train together. We were up and awake before the sun had broken through the darkness and jumped aboard the 7:20ish train (not before grabbing coffee beforehand – of course).

Under the Thames

First up we made our way to Greenwich, to stand at the “centre of the world”. Our journey there took us by tube to Canary Wharf and then on the DLR to Island Gardens, where we then walked under the Thames to the other side into Greenwich. The underground tunnel was built during the war as a bomb shelter. It is very surreal to be, not only walking under the Thames but to know that this is where people went in an attempt to be safe from the bombs being dropped. Intense. There is a section that was fixed up after a bomb did strike.

Greenwich Mean Time

Greenwich was excellent. It did cost just under £20 for the pair of us to  ‘stand on the centre o the world’ (it does include access to the museum of time – which is very interesting – but we did think it was a little extortionate). However it was a must (and when we think back, we’re pleased we did it because it’s something ticked off the list)*

The views from the top of the park were excellent. Giving a view across the Thames into Central London. You could see the O2 arena to the right and grasp an idea of just how huge London is (given NZ’s population fits into London, at least twice, if not three times – depending on what you ‘class as London’)

Some interesting facts from the museum:

See our next post for the next stage in our London adventure

S & S


FitBit Data. 26/11: 21.5KM’s – SRT 33,386; SJT 26,048

*we’ve had to change our mindset here from ‘oh we’ll come back and do that, to let’s just do it, because we may not be able to get back and this is what we came here to experience.

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