London – Emirates Skyline & Westfield Stratford

November 26, 2016

Emirates Air Line

After our excursion to the ‘centre of world time’ we headed to the Emirates Air Line to gondola it up and over the Thames. This is over near the O2 arena or ‘upside down wok’ s it’s affectionately called.

From the Air Line you could see the East End of London and the City Airport*.Emirates Skyline & Westfield, Stratford

The cost of the Air Line Gondola was very reasonable, £3 each for one way and went at a steady pace, not too fast.

Great to see NZ advertised

Westfield Stratford City, London

After settling back down on the other side of the Thames, it was time for lunch, so headed via the overground to Stratford City Westfield.** It was surreal to walk into a mall that basically looks the same as all the ones back home. It was almost like we’d traveled back home for a brief moment. However this Westfield was far busier then we’d ever seen the Auckland ones – and it wasn’t yet December. The food court was teeming with people but thankfully we managed to order food and find a seat.

We explored a couple of shops, but as our main purpose was not shopping we quickly left and tubed it over to the North part of London to see Hampstead Heath.

See our next post for what happens next in our London adventure….

S & S


FitBit Data. 26/11: 21.5KM’s – SRT 33,386; SJT 26,048

*There is an airport in the centre of London. This is mainly for ‘business’ people. Easier to fly out from there than to travel out to Gatwick or Heathrow.

**There are two Westfields in London – Stratford and White City, Hammersmith & Fulham. The advertising, layout and whole look are all the same to the ones back home. The Westfield we know in the Southern Hemisphere has been replicated in the Northern Hemisphere.

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