London – 6th Wedding Anniversary, Madame Tussaud’s

January 11, 2017 – 6 years Married

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary – we were taking the Eurostar to Brussels and then on to Bruges. The Eurostar leaves from St Pancras International Train Station in London, our plan was to spend the day before in London. We had initially wanted to ride the London Eye, but upon looking at purchasing the  tickets online we discovered that it was going to be closed for it’s annual tune up. Default experience was Madame Tussauds wax museum. And it was fabulous.

National Express

We’d booked with National Express coaches to journey up to London. A chance to experience “driving” into London. The price, if you book fairly well in advance, is pretty good. We paid less than £5 each, each way equaling less than £20 for the whole thing. It was a reasonable time for catching the bus – 9am ish and only took a couple of hours to get into Victoria Coach Station. A pleasant journey.

Madame Tussauds

Our afternoon treat was wondering around the wax works of Madame Tussauds – they are amazing The detail of each figure is fantastic, right down to the wrinkles around an eye, the little hairs on the hand, tension in the clasp of a hand. Just brilliant. You enter on a top floor and are guided through the displays by the layout of each section through to each floor. It has been well organised, makes it much easier to walk round and not feel like you need to back track or could miss a display. There are 5 sections where you can get a photo taken – with the Royal Family (tick), One Direction (ugh), at the President’s desk, on a London cab ride and one other. (we got the London cab ride printed).

There’s all the famous Hollywood stars and Pop Stars, there’s ET, Alfred Hitchcock, the Royal Family, sports stars, Presidents/PM’s of the world ie: Mandela, Churchill, Ghandi and there’s Boris too. There was a feature display of Marvel Avenger’s Characters – the Hulk was very impressive. They ran a short 4D film with the Avengers display.

One section has a corridor about the history of M.T’s. It is a fantastic place to visit and well worth the price but highly recommend purchasing tickets online (always slightly cheaper and you can also pick extras (like a photo printed for cheaper than it would be at the ticket desk.)

We also had a couple’s hand wax sculpture made. It was quite fun dipping our hands into the wax and having it moulded together in a clasp. It is not odd feeling when the water is run into the wax mould to separate it from your hands.

Our anniversary dinner was at Hard Rock Café, where we got our London glass and got to see the vault under the Rock Shop. After dinner we went for a walk along to Piccadilly Circus.



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