Lee On Solent

May 28, 2016 – it was time to enjoy a sunny day by the beach; Lee On Solent. When we’d gone to Gosport back in March, on the bus, we’d been through some of the little villages on the way from Fareham to Gosport, one of them being Lee-On-Solent. It is a little place situated on the side of the River Solent*. We’d made a note to go back when the weather was warmer and enjoy fish n chips by the sea.

Our time on this side of the M27 was fast approaching, as at the beginning of June we would be moving to Winchester. So our last Saturday in Titchfield, we caught the bus to Lee-On-Solent to have lunch by the sea.  It was a lovely warm day, albeit the haze over the river, perfect for a walk along the waterfront.


Row of housing that has spectacular views of the Solent all year round.




Fish n Chips are done differently here, compared to NZ – they’re wrapped differently, well they’re not wrapped really, they’re more packaged. The fish and the chips were in separate paper/cardboard trays, then wrapped and put in a carry bag. So a little more posh, English posh. They were fairly reasonable, but the taste was, well, different.


The other thing to note with English fish n chips, whether getting takeaway or in a pub/restaurant – there is the offer of vinegar on the chips with salt and a side of mushy peas. The verdict – Simon has missed the option of vinegar on his fish n chips and he’s missed mushy peas with vinegar. Sara – never has liked vinegar on chips/crisps and tried mushy pea but ew. So it’s a split order when we have fish n chips takeaways.

We had a great day in the sun, catching the view, enjoying good food, walking and walking. We finished the trip off with an ice cream, alway a great option on a sunny afternoon.

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*The Solent is the strait of water that runs between the south coast of England and the Isle of Wight.

  • on September 24, 2016

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