Hillsong Worship, Guildford, Surrey

Hillsong Worship

October 23, 2016

Church Search

We had started looking into churches of interest when we first arrived and found that there were Equippers & Hillsong in the London area – which would’ve been great options if we were to end up in London, but were too far to travel to while not situated yet.

We discovered that there was a Hillsong in Guildford, Surrey; which when we moved to Winchester was very possible but would cost over 40 quid return. Once we had our TwoTogether Railcard it brought the price down to just under 30 quid. But while Sara was commuting to Southampton daily for work, this still wasn’t going to be able to be a weekly thing but we were determined to go. After getting a few more of the things we needed for the house we set a date on the Calendar and went.

From Winchester it can take an our – 20-30 minute train to Woking, half hour wait and then down to Guildford within 10 minutes. We struck it lucky, God was watching down on us, knew we needed our morning coffee and the train that would’ve left for Guildford before we’d arrived in Woking was 2 minutes late. While we were looking at the time board we overheard the next train coming up to the platform we were standing on was going to Guildford.

Hillsong, Guildford

Hillsong was fantastic – it was like going to a concert and having a message, which was excellent, all about connection, how we need connection with others to function day to day. It’s held in the G-Live theatre in Guildford, about a 20 minute walk up from the station.

We got to Guildford and walked into the town, about a 10 minute walk across the river. It was easy to find a Costa and enjoy our morning coffee, as we had a bit of time before heading up to the Theatre. We didn’t want to be too close to the starting time for fear of not getting a good seat. We needn’t have worried, they don’t open the floors to the theatre until 15 minutes before it’s time to start. Our chosen seats were behind the sound desk, for Simon’s pleasure.

Guildford Castle

After the service, it was time for lunch, a spot of window shopping and some sightseeing. Our exploration lead us to Guildford Castle – quite a small castle compared to others that we will see, but up the top gave a beautiful view of Guildford City and the rolling green hills of Surrey.

The castle is thought to have been built in the late 1000’s. It was built by William of Conquerer, after the Battle of Hastings. What still stands is the keep, which has the ground floor, first floor, where the entrance is and the top floor. You can climb all the way up to the top, where you certainly are treated with a all rounded view of Guildford and the surrounding countryside. We were blessed with a beautiful clear day, blue sky and sunshine which aided in an excellent scope of the view. There is a small charged for entry, only £3 per person, always carry cash with you in England as many places, like this, don’t have card machines or there’s an extra charge if it’s under a certain amount.

Guildford Cathedral

Then we tripped round and over to the Guildford Cathedral. Guildford Cathedral is a modern cathedral, only built last century in the early 1900’s.

The Cathedral is vastly different looking from other Cathedrals, like Winchester or Chichester, these ones having been built a century before or more and have he classic outward look of a ‘Cathedral’. Guildford Cathedral still has the cross formation (looking at it from above) but the outside is with reddish-brown brickwork compared to the white/greyer brickwork of older Cathedrals. It does make one take a second look when you first see it, but once inside you forget that it’s a modern church. Inside, it has the long hall for seating and the rooms off to the side with various functions or history displays within them.

This picture is taken in the ‘Children’s Garden’ where there are a couple of child statues. He’s asking ‘Dad’ for money.



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