Hampshire – Portsmouth – Shopping & Movies

August 27, 2017

A long weekend, a trip to Portsmouth for some shopping at Gunwharf was in hand. We took the train down early enough, but not too early and walked into town first for our morning coffee. Costa was our pick today. After a brief walk around the centre, we headed down to the seaside.

Emirates Spinnaker

We went up the Spinnaker back in February 206 after we first arrived in England.

The water out to sea. It was so lovely to be walking in the sunshine, enjoying it’s warmth (being the last weekend of the UK summer, we wanted to soak up as much as possible, as you don’t know when the change’ll come).

A mini boatyard if you want to try your hand as captain.

Shopping & Movies

Enjoying yummy ice creams before our movie.

It was a great day in the sun, Gunwharf is an open air shopping centre, so you don’t feel like you’re just inside all the time and not getting any air. We found ourselves a couple of great bargains for what we were on the hunt for. As per our usual protocol when out and about, we enjoyed a couple of cold drinks in the sun overlooking the harbour.

The other reason we’d gone down to Gunwharf was to see Dunkirk. This was an excellent movie, well written, well composed and the acting was excellent. It’s not all fighting and blood like many movies depicting war, but more sedate and captured the essence of showing what those hours were like, the coming of the little boats to help out. It was a well portrayed movie, worth having gone to see.

We enjoyed our day by the sea, in the sunshine, a yummy lunch out at Jamie’s Italian, ice cream, shopping and a movie. A great day out!!



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