Hampshire Christmas 2016

December 24 & 25, 2016


This Christmas was spent at Simon’s Mum’s. We hired a car for the long weekend and thoroughly enjoyed being back in the driver’s seat again. The car hire, near us was closed for the public/bank holidays so we’d booked the car from Christmas Eve til the following Wednesday. We made sure to make the most of it – the next few days would be jam packed of adventure.

Christmas Eve

We collected the car – a little Hyundai i10 – at lunch time. After this we packed the car up with our stuff for the next couple of days and all the Christmas presents. Then tootled on down through the English countryside – about a 30 minute drive – to Titchfield Common. As per usual, we’d discussed and arranged as to when and where we would swap drivers and fit in a Christmas Eve drink. Bishops Waltham was about halfway, Sara drove there, Simon drove from there.

There is a roofless castle in Bishops Waltham, that we stopped to look at. Then wandered over the road for a drink at the Fuller’s Pub, The Crown Inn.

Christmas Eve, after dark, we went for a drive through the little village of Titchfield, where all the houses and businesses along the narrow Main Street have little Christmas trees stuck out from the houses, above the top floor windows and lit up with Christmas lights. It was quite fun to be driving round where previously we’d walked everywhere.

We also experience Christmas Eve Mass at the local Locks Heath Anglican Church

Christmas Day

Our Christmas jumpers

We were up for church at Titchfield Methodist for a quick 1 hr service. Then t’was Christmas lunch – full on roast meat and veges with dessert and drink. After lunch we all sat round the Christmas tree to open our presents. It was a pleasant afternoon.

Santa did visit – we must’ve all been very good

Later in the afternoon we went for a drive to Fareham to see Colenso Road, where Simon lived before leaving for NZ all those years ago and the last school he attended.

See the next post for the next stage of our Christmas adventure….



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