Dorset – Weymouth & Isle of Portland

April 15, 2017

With Easter coming round again and with that a 4 day weekend we would both be enjoying off; we thought it best not to waste all 4 days round Winchester. We decided to pop down to Weymouth – about an hours journey away, not too pricey on the train ticket and not too much to do that would cut into our upcoming Paris trip.


Weymouth is in Dorset, right at the coast and quite literally ‘end of the line’ for the rail trail. Any further and the train would end up in the sea. It did involve taking a bus between Poole & Wareham (about half hour journey), which it meant journey time was over 2 hours.

Rachel (Sara’s work mate) met us at the station and showed us a sweet little spot down by the sea but away from the busy main street. So peaceful and quiet, with a lovely view of the coastline.

After coffee we headed along the main street and went to the Jurassic Coast Platform. A platform that you boarded on at ground level that then rises up and rotates round twice. There is a voice over of the history of the coastline and Weymouth, before then descending back to ground level. It’s not too pricey (like anything slightly more than really what it’s worth but reasonable enough to warrant doing). We got some amazing views of the surrounding area – along with also purchasing a circular map (£1.50) with the history of the area.

Isle of Portland

After the Jurassic Platform we caught the bus to the Isle of Portland – a piece of land joined to Weymouth by a strip of land (the road in and out). On Rachel’s recommendation we got off the bus at the top, the Portland Heights Hotel (?check name). The view was amazing. We had lunch in the Hotel (the food was not the best) but sitting in the sun with the view of the Isle and Weymouth made up for it.

There is a monument of the Olympic Rings for when London hosted the Olympic Games in 2012, the water sports were held in Weymouth.

They also have a mini ‘Stonehenge’ that is created out of the local quarry stone.

Weymouth & Isle of Portland

We enjoyed our day down by the beach. We played at the amusements and won, had some ice cream – got our first new pound coin but then had to give it away for the ice cream, wandered round the marina – saw a family fishing for crabs. It was a lovely day and we look forward to heading back there again one day.




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