Bournemouth, Dorset, England

June 18, 2016

Red red poppy

After feeling like we hadn’t yet been far for awhile, we decided to take the train down to the seaside town of Bournemouth, in the County of Dorset. Less than an hour and we were at the seaside – our first visit to an English beach.

Bournemouth Fire Station

We walked into town wondering in and out of the shops down the main street. The market was on and we browsed through the stalls – some seriously delicious foods on sale.

Bailey's & Espresso

Sara tried some Baileys & coffee – wasn’t that great, too strong on the alcohol.

The Piers & Beachfront
Bournemouth Beach

We headed down to the first of the two piers. The newer of the two piers has an arcade and restaurant and charged to go down to the very end of it. There were candy stalls and souvenirs surrounding it and a zip line, we considered trying but the price of it for the length of it, wasn’t worth it.

Beach huts - all the colours of the rainbow

We walked alongside the beach, oddly enough we didn’t actually walk on the beach. Along the beach front are numerous little beach huts, all in various shades of the colours of the rainbow. 

The second pier, known as Bascombe Pier, is the older of the two (there is no charge). There was a mini golf course and musical instruments along the pier. The mini golf used balls that were biodegradable fish food, so the last hole was an open hole in the pier to drop the ball in the ocean.

We wandered around and bought some postcards – always a good purchase; not just for sending, but also for scrapbook/photo albums. Postcards will give a wider picture of where you are, or a bird’s eye view, a perspective that you yourself wouldn’t be able to get.

Sea View

We walked back down to the first pier but this time we walked up along the cliff edge. It was quite the view.

What a View
Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-8

Then it was into town for a spot of shopping – bought the 8 seasons of Big Bang Theory, fudge, a birthday present. Our final stop for the day, as per usual, was the pub.

We enjoyed our trip to the Bournemouth seaside. We look forward to popping down next summer, maybe go for a swim….we’ll see.



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