Berkshire – Newbury/Thatcham

December 26, 2016

For Boxing Day we were off to visit Newbury/Thatcham, Berkshire (pronounced ‘Barkshar’) to catch up with Simon’s Auntie Jeanne (his Dad’s older sister) and her daughter Fiona. Simon hadn’t seen them since before he left the UK.

Newbury was only about an hour away from Winchester and with the A-roads. The drive up was pleasant and the weather was still clear. We had a spot of lunch, before picking up a coat Sara had on hold. Then we meandered our way through the Berkshire countryside in to Thatcham.

The afternoon was spent reminiscing with Simon’s aunt and cousin. A very pleasant afternoon, with a promise to meet again soon.

See the next post for the next stage of our Christmas adventure….

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