We have a Bed & Couch in 1 – Ikea

August 19, 2016

We started out sleeping on 2 air beds, joined together by a fitted double sheet. It was two lilos, but one of them would continue to deflate but we couldn’t find a hole. So we bought a double air bed, within a month that too would continue to deflate nightly, but couldn’t find a hole, we got used to pumping it up each night but after a night when we had to pump it at 4am, we went back to the store to get it exchanged. The same thing happened.

We worked out that it was quite likely that our combined weight on the double was more than the weight allowance for it, therefore it would deflate – the air would be pushed out over time. So to carry us over until we could order the sofa bed we wanted we exchanged it for 2x single air beds and joined them together with the fitted sheet. This worked a charm.

Our Bed & Couch

After Germany – Sara went into Ikea to purchase the sofa bed we had picked out earlier to purchase. A brilliant piece that would roll out easily and push back up while not being too small or hard to sleep on. Sara went in, paid and ordered for for it be delivered.

We have a bed

A good thing too – we had been looking at just ordering it off the website but it wasn’t in stock to be ordered off line. When Sara went in to order it, it was £10 cheaper for delivery, and it would be delivered the next day, rather than within 1-2 weeks. Yippeee!!!

Getting the frame

Setting up

We have a Bed


And it was – by lunch time. Simon popped up to receive the delivery and on Saturday we put it together.

With the cover on

Bed & Couch

Made & Ready

It’s slightly wider than a double but not as wide as a queen. A great fit for us.



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